50 User VIP Pack
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    50 User VIP Pack

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    Use ControlUp for free in your own environment with the 50-User VIP Pack. Click here to get started!

    Who can use it?

    If you have never used ControlUp before, then the VIP Pack is for you!

    If you are a current or previous ControlUp customer, or if you have already used a ControlUp trial, then you are not eligible for the VIP Pack. If you previously used ControlUp and sign up for the VIP Pack, the VIP Pack will not be applied to your organization. You will still have the option to start a trial for ControlUp products.

    What's included?

    You can install the Edge DX Agent on up to 50 devices (Windows, macOS, or Linux) for physical desktop and application monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediation.

    How long can I use it?

    You can use the VIP pack for as long as you like as long as you are actively signing in to ControlUp and collecting data from your devices.

    We will delete your organization, including all of your data, if either:

    • Nobody has signed in to your environment for 28 days.
    • No device with the Edge DX agent installed has communicated with your environment for 28 days.

    While the 50-User VIP pack has no time limit, we reserve the right to stop this promotion at any time. Learn more about ControlUp's End-User License Agreement.

    Upgrade to the premium trial

    At any point while you are using the VIP pack, you can start a 21-day premium trial to use our premium features. These features include:

    To start the 21-day premium trial, click the link in the purple banner that appears at the bottom of the screen when you sign in. If you have closed the banner, you can also go to either the UC&C or User Sentiment sections in the app to start a trial.

    After the premium trial ends

    If after the 21-day premium trial ends, you have not purchased a license, your organization reverts back to the VIP pack. You will no longer have access to unified communcation monitoring, user sentiment surveys, and end-user activity monitoring. You can't re-activate the trial for a second time.

    If you have added additional devices during the premium trial so that your total device count is more than 50 when your premium trial period ended, and you are back to using the VIP pack, devices will be removed in the opposite order in which they were added until you reach the 50 device limit of the VIP pack. Data for those additional devices is deleted.

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