Add Tags Column to Information Grid
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    Add Tags Column to Information Grid

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    ControlUp version 8.8 Maintenance Release enables you to add a custom Tags column to display tags in the Real-Time Information Grid of the Machines and Sessions views. You can use the new Tags columns to show the values that you configure to measure and analyze multiple aspects of your environment's connections.

    Feature Overview

    Customizable tagging enables you to apply tags to machines or user sessions based on the specific criteria you define, such as department, location, or application usage. This flexibility helps you to track trends and identify the root cause of issues affecting specific user groups. Tagging can significantly reduce troubleshooting time, allowing you to quickly resolve problems.

    For example, you can configure the columns to show the location of your systems or different categories of users, such as "Location = USA" or "Job Title = Manager".

    You can also configure a tag to act as a trigger condition.


    • ControlUp version 8.8 Maintenance Release and Solve.
    • Make sure that the version of the ControlUp Agent matches that of your console.

    To create Tags columns to add to the grid, use the following registry settings.

    Create Tags Column

    To create the Tags column for the Machines and Sessions views:

    1. On the Controllers pane, click Registry.
    2. Under Registry Keys, open the keys HKLM>SOFTWARE>Smart-X>ControlUp>Agent.
    3. Right-click the Agent key, select Create Key, enter ComputerTags in the Key Name field, and click OK.
    4. Repeat step 2 to create the SessionTags key.
    5. Right-click the ComputerTags key you created and select Create Value.
    6. Enter the Value Name, select REG_SZ from the Value Type list, enter the Value Data as needed, and click OK. You can enter any characters or numerals as possible values.
    7. Repeat steps 4-5 to create the SessionTags value(s).

    After you first add tags, you must restart the ControlUp Agent (cuAgent) service once for this change to take effect. It will then automatically update if you add new tags or edit existing tags.

    Create Tags Column on Multiple Machines

    To create these values simultaneously on multiple machines:

    1. On the My Organization pane, select multiple machines as required, right-click and select Manage Registry.
    2. Perform the task above from step 2.

    After you create the custom columns, they also appear in your machine's Registry Editor:

    Add Tags Column

    To add the Tags column you created to your Information Grid:

    1. Open the Machines or Sessions view and right-click Manage Columns.
    2. Select Tags from the Available columns list, click Add> and click OK.

    To add the Tags column you created to your web UI grids, see Column Presets.

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