Agent debugging logs
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    Agent debugging logs

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    Follow this article only if ControlUp Support has requested logs from the Edge DX Agent

    Enable debugging

    To enable debugging, set the value of the following registry key to 1:

    enable debug mode.png

    After setting the registry key, restart the ControlUp SIP Agent service.

    View and save logs in the Windows Event Log

    In the Windows Event Viewer on the device, go to Windows Logs > Application and look for events from:

    • SIP Agent
    • Agent Manager Service
    • Agent Manager Setup
    • Agent Manager Setup Form
    • SIP Agent Setup
    • Session Events Service

    Save the logs as a .EVTX file and send them to ControlUp Support.


    MacOS logs

    On Mac devices, logs are stored using Apple's unified logging system. To get Agent logs, use:
    /user/local/com.controlup.edgedx.agent/Bin/AgentAssist logs

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