Agent Version Control
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    Agent Version Control

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    For Windows and macOS devices, you can install the Agent Manager which automatically installs and updates the Agent with the versions that you set. For all other OS platforms, there is no Agent Manager and no built-in version control.

    Warning: changes will update existing Agents

    When you make changes to your version control settings, all Agents in your environment will be updated. Apply version control settings carefully.

    To enable version control, go to Settings > Agent and check Use Agent Version Control for Windows or macOS devices. If Agent Version Control is enabled, the Agent Manager automatically keeps your Agents up to date according to the version control settings you specify. The Agent Manager is also automatically updated.

    Set the Default Agent Version

    To set the Agent version that the Agent Manager installs on devices:

    1. Select the Global Default Agent version for Windows or macOS devices.

    2. Click Save Agent Versions.

    Set the Agent Version for Specific Devices


    This feature is available only if you set the Default Global Agent version to version 2.12 or higher.

    You can configure the Agent Manager to install different Agent versions on different devices. For example, you might want to update the Agent on only a small subset of devices before updating the Agent on all devices in your environment.

    Specify a subset of devices using a combination of device groups and device tags. You can set the device group for a device when you first install the agent, or you can set the device group and add tags using the Devices dashboard. For details, visit Organize Devices with Groups and Tags.

    To set an Agent version for a subset of devices:

    1. In the Agent settings, click Add a version with device tag targets.

    2. Select the Agent version that you want to install on the subset of devices.

    3. To install the selected Agent version on devices with specific tags, click Add Tags and enter the device tags to target.

    4. To install the selected Agent version on devices in specific device groups, click Add Groups, and enter the device groups to target.

    5. Repeat steps 1-4 if you want to specify the Agent version for another subset of devices.

    6. Click Save Agent Versions.

    If a device has any of the tags that you specify OR is in one of the groups that you specify, then the Agent Manager installs the selected Agent version on that device. If a device does not meet any of the criteria that you set, then the Agent Manager installs the Global Default Agent version.

    The Agent Manager checks whether a device belongs to a subset in the order that the subsets appear in the version control settings. This means that the order in which you add device subset criteria is important. For example, if a device meets the criteria for rows 2 and 4, then the Agent Manager installs the Agent version set for row 2. Rows are indicated by the number next to the Agent version.

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