Configure Solve
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Configure Solve

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Solve is our new, hosted web application for accessing monitoring and analysis on your IT infrastructure. Read more about this new interface here.

Getting Started with Solve

To use and access Solve, here are the basic steps to follow. Details for each appear in the links below.

  1. Check that you have all the necessary Prerequisites. Hyperlink
  2. Manage ControlUp Monitors. Monitors are required for getting data into Solve.
  3. Access SOLVE from the ControlUp Real-Time Console when accessing for the first time.
  4. Set Users and Permissions to manage who can configure and access Solve.
  5. Optionally, Access SOLVE via Direct URL and set up LDAP or SAML authentication.
  6. Optionally, view the ControlUp Audit Log within Solve.
  7. Optionally, Troubleshoot Monitor Issues if you don't see data available in Solve.


  • Real-Time DX Console versions 8.5 and above.
  • Users must have an Active Directory account.
  • Users must authenticate in ControlUp using their Active Directory account to be authorized in the ControlUp Console and in Solve.
  • Port 443 must be available from the monitor to communicate to the Solve client.
  • TCP ports required for connecting to the ControlUp Monitors:
    * RPC/WMI - for monitor deployment via the console.
    * 40706 - for monitor management.
  • If you use one of the following proxy authentication methods, these are supported for Solve: Negotiate Proxy; Basic Proxy; NTLM Proxy - if you want to use NTLM authentication for the proxy server, contact our support team to assist with the required prerequisites.

Manage ControlUp Monitors

Monitors are integral and required for using Solve to enable continuous monitoring of your resources. Ensure you have monitors connected to your ControlUp environment before accessing data in Solve.

The Manage Monitors feature in the Solve tab of the Real-Time Console allows you to view the status of installed monitors in your environment. This feature also enables you to add and delete sites, add monitors to existing sites, and modify monitor settings.

For complete information regarding ControlUp Monitors, see here.

Manage Monitors

To access the Manage ControlUp Monitors section, click Manage Monitors from the Solve tab of the console.

The Manage ControlUp Monitors screen contains two tabs displaying the status of your monitors and data sources. Only connected data sources are visible.

Monitors Tab
The Monitors tab displays the monitors connected to the environment.
In the examples below, all monitors are connected properly and are displayed with a green symbol next to them.

If there is an issue with a monitor, the green symbol next to the monitor turns yellow to alert about a warning, or red to alert about an error. A brief description of the issue appears in the Details column. To learn more about the issue, click more details... in the Status column and the More Detail popup appears. For a list of possible monitor issues, see Troubleshoot Monitors.

Data Sources Tab
The Data Sources tab displays the components of the environment.360012179478mceclip0.png

Click on a data source to expand and see which monitor it is connected to each component.

Access Solve

There are two ways that Solve can be accessed:

  • From the Console
  • A Direct URL that can be personalized from within Solve

First-time access to Solve must be through the Console. Once Solve has been accessed initially from the Console, it can be configured to be accessed with a Direct URL.

Access from the Console

You can access Solve from the ControlUp Console by clicking Solve from the Solve ribbon.

Once clicked, Solve opens in your web browser.


Access with a Direct URL

Solve can be accessed with a direct URL that you can customize from the Solve settings page.
By default, the URL is set as< ORG_NAME >/ login , where ORG_NAME is the name of the organization.
To customize the direct URL:

  1. Click the settings button in the lower left-hand button of the Solve window and the settings page opens.360011792817mceclip8.png
  2. Enter the name you want to add to the URL in the textbox of the Instance URL section.360011875918mceclip9.png
  3. Once a valid and unique name has been entered, click Apply and the URL is saved and ready to use.

To access Solve with your direct URL, go to the URL and the login page appears as follows:

You can also set either SAML or LDAP authentication to access Solve via a direct URL. For details on login options, see Login Flow for Solve and the ControlUp Console v8.2 and Up. For details on configuring SAML authentication, see SAML SSO for Solve.

Add Users & Permissions

Along with the general ControlUp permissions, there are two permissions that are specific to Solve:

Use Solve and Manage Solve, as described below.
For general information about ControlUp's security policy and permissions, see here.
To access the permissions, click User Permissions in the Solve ribbon from the ControlUp Console.


Use Solve

All users from your active directory that you want to have access to Solve must have this permission. This permission also allows the user to perform the following:

  • View folder
  • Use shared credentials
  • View all hypervisors
  • Connect to data source
  • Connect to Windows machine
  • Connect to Linux machine

For more information regarding these permissions, see here

Manage Solve

The Manage Solve permission is intended for admin users of Solve. This permission grants configuration privileges, including:

  • Instance URL modification
  • SAML Single Sign-On settings
  • LDAP Integration settings
  • Session Timeout settings

To go to these settings, click the setting button on the lower left-hand corner of the Solve window.360011792817mceclip81.png


The settings button above does not appear when Use Solve permissions are implemented.

Audit Log

The audit log enables you to see actions performed on your managed assets and is available from Solve. See here.

Troubleshoot Monitors

Here is a list of possible issues you may encounter when monitors are reporting data to Solve. You can access this list from the Solve tab in the Real-Time Console under Manage Monitors .


Severity Indication

More Details Description 

Failed to open Solve connection.

Error (Red)

Solve connection failed. Please check if the required port (443) is open and proxy settings are configured correctly.

Solve is Connected using HTTPS.

Warning (Yellow)

Solve connection failed using the desired WebSocket protocol. Please check if the required CNTLM proxy settings are configured correctly.

Solve is Disconnected.

Normal (Green) for up to three minutes.

After three minutes, the Monitor indication becomes an error (Red).

Solve is disconnected. 

This issue may occur due to network issues, or high latency. If this issue persists, please contact ControlUp support.

Restart monitor if failed to recover

Solve is Disabled

Normal (Green)Solve is disabled by the admin.

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