Real-Time Agent Manager
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    Real-Time Agent Manager

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    Article Summary

    9.0 Beta

    This article covers information relevant only to the version 9.0 beta release. Want to be the first to try our new features? Join the ControlUp Beta Program!

    The Real-Time Agent Manager is a Windows service installed on the same machine that the ControlUp Agent Windows service is installed on. Installing the Real-Time Agent Manager also installs the ControlUp Agent. The Real-Time Agent Manager’s main functionality is to act as a “watchdog” for the ControlUp Agent. For example, if the ControlUp Agent stops, the Real-Time Agent Manager restarts the agent. Reciprocally, if the Real-Time Agent Manager stops, the ControlUp Agent restarts the Real-Time Agent Manager.

    When you run the following Real-Time Console actions on an agent machine, they will also apply to the Real-Time Agent Manager:

    • Upgrade/Install

    • Start

    • Stop

    • Restart

    Note that when you change the listening port of an agent, both the ControlUp Agent and the Real-Time Agent Manager will restart.

    You can configure the Real-Time Agent Manager and the ControlUp Agent either in the Real-Time Console or with MSI.

    Prerequisites to enable Agent Manager

    • Version 9.0

    • .NET 6 (not a later version) must be installed on the agent machine for the Real-Time Agent Manager to work.

    Configure Agent Manager in Console

    By default, the Real-Time Agent Manager is installed when you install a 9.0 ControlUp Agent with the console. If the agent installation fails, the console will still try to install the Real-Time Agent Manager, irrelevant to the success of the agent installation.

    To disable the Real-Time Agent Manager installation in the console:

    In Settings > Agent > deselect the Enable Agent Manager checkbox:


    Enabling or disabling the Real-Time Agent Manager only affects whether the console installs the Real-Time Agent Manager together with the agent or not. It doesn’t affect any of the Real-Time Agent Manager’s features while the service is already running.

    Configure Agent Manager with MSI

    You can manually install the ControlUpRealTimeAgentManager MSI from your product manager. Select which version to install based on whether the client machine has .NET 6 (not a later version) installed or not:

    • ControlUpRealTimeAgentManager-net6-….msi for a client machine with .NET 6 installed.

    • ControlUpRealTimeAgentManager-Dotnet-net6…msi for a client machine without .NET 6 installed.


    ControlUpRealTimeAgentManager MSIs will also install the ControlUp Agent.

    Configure Registry Settings

    ControlUp Agent Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\AgentWatchdog

    ControlUp Agent Manager Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Real-Time Agent Manager


    • IntervalSec. Interval (seconds) between restarts attempts of the service. Default: 60 , Minimum: 10, Maximum: 600.

    • RestartAttempts. Number of restart attempts for service. Default: 3, Minimum: 3, Maximum: 20.

    • ResetPeriodHour. Number of hours before trying to restart again after failed attempts. Default: 24, Minimum: 1, Maximum: none.

    • ServiceDownDuration. Minimum time (seconds) the observed service is stopped before watchdog restarts it. Default: 60, Minimum: 1, Maximum: none.

    Watchdog Logic

    The Real-Time Agent Manager and the ControlUp Agent share common watchdog logic with a few differences:

    • The Real-Time Agent Manager watchdog functionality is activated when the Real-Time Agent Manager Service starts, and continues to run until you fully stop the Service.

    • If the Real-Time Agent Manager watchdog detects that the services its observing are uninstalled, a log is written in the log4net and the Event Viewer.

      • The Real-Time Agent Manager watchdog will check if the service is installed again every 30 seconds.

      • The agent watchdog won’t continue checking if the service is installed again after the first time, you must restart the agent to reactivate the agent watchdog.

    • If the Real-Time Agent Manager watchdog detects that the services its observing are running, it will wait asynchronously until the services are in stopped status.

    • If the Real-Time Agent Manager watchdog detects that the services its observing are stopped (including stop pending or paused) for 60 seconds (configurable under the ServiceDownDuration value), it will try to restart the service for 3 attempts (configurable under the RestartAttempts value), with each attempt after 60 seconds (configurable under the IntervalSec value).

    • If all attempts fail, you can schedule the next time to try to restart after 24 hours (configurable under the ResetPeriodHour value).



    Real-Time Agent Manager installation from the Real-Time Console fails.


    Check for errors in logs related to .NET. The ControlUp Agent machine must have .NET 6 installed. Don’t install any versions earlier or later than 6.NET as they aren’t currently supported.

    To check for dot net version (previously known as dot net core):

    1. Go to the registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\dotnet\Setup\InstalledVersions\x64\sharedfx\Microsoft.NETCore.App

    2. Check the DWORD values for a value data between If no such value exists, the Real-Time Agent Manager installation might fail and an error will be displayed in the console Events pane.


    You stop the ControlUp Agent in the Services manager, but the ControlUp Agent Service keeps restarting.


    1. In the Services manager, stop the Real-Time Agent Manager.

    2. Wait 60 seconds (configurable under the ServiceDownDuration value) until the agent tries to restart the Real-Time Agent Manager.

    3. Stop the agent.

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