ControlUp On-Premises Installation: Log Files
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    ControlUp On-Premises Installation: Log Files

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    During the installation of the ControlUp On-Premises (COP) server, two important log files are written to the %APPDATA%\Local\Temp folder on the COP server:

    • ControlUp Server_Timestamp.log
    • ControlUp Server_Timestamp_001_Setup.msi.log


    ControlUp Server Log

    If you want to install a secondary COP node, this log file is important. When you install a failover node, you need to provide the same details (and license) as during the installation of the primary COP server.

    You might not remember which data you provided during the installation of the primary COP server, therefore, you should save this log file to a secure location. See the overview below of variables used to configure the license.

    Logged Information

    Only non-sensitive information is written to the log files. This means that no passwords are written to the log files.


    The table below provides an overview of variables used during the COP Server installation.

    Variable NameDescriptionExample
    ACTIVITY_FOLDERFolder path for the IOP activity filesC:\ActivityFiles
    BACKUPZIP_FOLDERFolder path for the backup of IOP activity filesC:\Backups
    INSTALLIOPIndicates if IOP was configured1
    INSTALLSOLVEIndicates if SOP was configured1
    IOP_PORTPort number of the IOP web interface443
    IOP_SERVERFQDN or IP address of the IOP serveriopmachine.AD2012.LOC
    LDS_USERS_GROUPAD user group with all users that are allowed to use ControlUpAD2012.LOC\Domain Users
    LICENSE_EMAILEmail address of the ControlUp organization
    LICENSE_FILE_PATHPath of the On-premises license fileC:\Smart-X\PrivateCloudLicense\PrivateCloudLicenseFile.xml
    LICENSE_FIRST_NAMEFirst name of the ControlUp organization ownerJohn
    LICENSE_LAST_NAMELast name of the ControlUp organization ownerDoe
    LICENSE_ORG_NAMEControlUp organization nameTest Organization
    SERVICE_USERNAMEAD user that runs the ControlUp backend serviceAD2012\Administrator
    SMTP_ANONYMOUSWas the Connect Anonymously checkbox selected?1
    SMTP_PORTPort number of the SMTP server25
    SMTP_SENDERSender email
    SOLVE_PORTPort number of the SOP web interface443
    SOLVE_SERVERFQDN or IP address of the SOP serversopserver.AD2012.LOC
    SQL_AUTHAuthentication for SQL Server (Windows Authentication / SQL user)1 (IntegratedSecurity = True)
    SQL_CERTIFICATE_FILE_PATHPath of the selected SQL Server certificateC:\Certificates\SQL\Cert.
    SQL_DBNAMESQL database name for production mode installationControlUpDB
    SQL_SERVERName of the SQL Server instanceSQL_SERVER
    SQL_SERVER_ENCRYPTWas the Encrypt DB Connection option selected?1
    SQL_SERVER_SKIP_DB_VALIDATIONSWas the Skip DB validations option selected?0
    SQL_SERVER_UPGRADE_DB_BY_FORCE_IF_FOUNDWas the Upgrade DB if found option selected?1
    SQL_TRUST_SERVER_SECURITYWas the Trust Server Certificate option selected?0
    SQL_USERNAMEUsername for the production mode SQL ServerAD2012\SQLAdmin

    ControlUp Server Setup Log

    The installation log file shows information about the progress of the various components installed during the COP Server installation. The log file indicates if any installation issues occurred. If the installation was successful, the log entry "Installation completed successfully" is displayed.

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