Create and Share Filter Presets
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    Create and Share Filter Presets

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    Create filter presets to quickly switch between different sets of filters. After creating a filter preset, you can publish it to share it with the rest of your team.

    Filter presets are available on any page or dashboard where you see the option to set filters in the top-left corner:
    Filter selector location.png

    To view a preset, click the preset selector and click on a preset.
    Select a preset.png

    • Presets that you have created are listed at the top.
    • Presets that another user has created and shared are listed at the botton.
    • Presets with the Lock icon.png icon are private and available only to you.
    • Presets with the shared icon.png icon are shared.


    • To create a filter preset, you must have the permission Create, Edit and Delete Filter Presets
    • To publish a filter preset, you must have the permission Publish Filter Presets

    Create a filter preset and save filters

    Step 1 - Create the filter preset

    1. Click the preset selector and click the plus button to add a new preset.
      Create new preset button.png

    2. A new preset is added to the list. Click the three-dots menu and select Rename to name your preset.
      rename preset button.png

    Step 2 - Add and save filters to a preset

    1. Click Add Filters.

    2. Use the filter builder to create filter conditions and click Apply Filters.
      Filter builder.png

    3. After applying your filters, save the filters to a preset:

      1. Open the preset selector.
      2. Click the three-dots menu next to the preset to which you want to save the filters.
      3. Click Save Filterssave filters to a preset.png

    The set of filters currently applied are now saved to the preset. If you want to update a preset, change the applied filters and click Save Filters again. If you change the applied filters but do not click Save Filters, the preset will revert to the last saved version the next time you reopen the preset.

    Publish a filter preset

    Publish a filter preset to make it available to the rest of your team. After you publish a preset, all users are able to view the preset.

    Only the user who published the preset is allowed to save changes to the preset. Another user can temporarily make changes to their local version of the shared preset but they can't save the changes, and the changes are reversed the next time they load the shared preset.

    To share a preset, click the three-dots menu next to the preset you want to publish and click Publish.
    Publish button.png

    The icon next to the preset updates to indicate that the preset is now published.

    Shared preset icon.png

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