Insights On-Premises: Data Retention Policy
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    Insights On-Premises: Data Retention Policy

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    Before you use this feature, make sure to have backups of your activity files. Learn how to make backups here.


    Insights On-Premises stores historical data for an unlimited period of time on your data disk(s). With the Data Retention Policy feature introduced in version 8.7, you can define the number of days that you want to retain Insights data on your appliance disks.

    You can precisely define which type(s) of data to retain:

    • Processes
      Data collected from processes running on a computer, such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk IOPS
    • Sessions
      Data collected during a login session (RDSH, VDI, etc.). For example, the login time, username, and the resources acquired by the session (CPU, RAM, etc.)
    • Computers
      Data collected from a computer, hypervisor host, and VDI. This includes CPU utilization, memory usage, etc.
    • Hosts
      Data collected from the virtualization host, such as CPU usage, memory usage, etc
    • CUIOP
      Data collected from Citrix ADC, Gateway, Load balancer, XD app, XD session, Top insights, HEC logs, and Container logs
    • All data

    You must set the range between 10 and 9999 days.


    • IOP version 8.7
    • The IOP appliance must be an OVA installation. Linux-based installations aren't supported.
    • The password for the master node and the data node must be indentical.

    How to Set a Data Retention Policy

    By default, the data retention is set to 2184 days.

    To set the number of days that each data type should be retained, select its checkbox and enter a digit in the Days field. For this example, we want to keep process data for 30 days, session data for 60 days, and all other data for 90 days.

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