macOS Agent Installation
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    macOS Agent Installation

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    Article summary

    This article covers how to install the Edge DX Agent onto macOS devices.

    Before you deploy any Edge DX Agents, read the prerequisites for Agent deployment and make sure that your environment is ready.

    The following macOS versions are supported on Intel x64 or Apple Silicon (M1+)

    macOS versionMinimum Agent versionRecommended Agent version
    11.x (Big Sur)2.8Latest GA version
    12.x (Monterey)2.8Latest GA version
    13.x (Ventura)2.8Latest GA version
    14.x (Sonoma)2.8Latest GA version

    Download the Agent Manager

    To install the macOS Agent, you download and install the Agent Manager. The Agent Manager installs the Agent and updates it according to your version control settings

    To download the macOS Agent Manager:

    1. Go to Configuration > Downloads.
    2. Select macOS Agent.
    3. Click Download.

    Command Line Installation

    To install the macOS Agent Manager from the command line, follow the steps on the Downloads page. The commands are ready for you to copy and already include your unique tenant URL and device registration code.

    Manual GUI Installation

    To install the Agent Manager manually, run the downloaded file. You'll need to enter your tenant URL and device registration code, which you can copy from the Agent Downloads page.

    Permission for Remote Control

    The macOS device user might need to configure device settings to allow Remote Assistance on the device. For details, visit Remote Control Permissions on macOS.

    Uninstall the Agent with a Script

    To perform a scripted uninstall of the Edge DX Agent for macOS, run this command as root:

    /usr/local/com.controlup.edgedx.agent/Bin/AgentAssist --uninstall

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