Export and Import Scouts
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    Export and Import Scouts

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    Article summary

    You can export a Scout and the Scout's configuration when creating a new Scout. This can be useful for:

    • Creating multiple Scouts from a template. For example, using Web Transactions Scouts to test similar workflows on a SaaS application.
    • Copying a Scout to a different ControlUp organization.

    Export a Scout

    To export a Scout:

    1. Go to the Scout you want to export and click Edit Scout.

    Edit scout button.png

    1. Click the Export icon in the top-right corner.

    Export scout button.png

    The Scout configuration file is downloaded.

    Scout file downloaded.png

    Note that you can also export a Scout from the Scout creation page before you have saved the Scout.

    Import a Scout

    To import a Scout:

    1. Click Create Scout.
    2. Click the Import icon in the top-right corner and select a Scout configuration file that was previously exported.

    Import scout button.png

    1. Select whether you want to import the list of Hives running the Scout.

    Include or exclude the list of hives.png

    The Scout details are imported from the configuration file. Perform any changes you need to make and save the Scout.

    Scout imported.png

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