Export Settings
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Export Settings

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You can use the ControlUp Real-Time DX Console or the ControlUp Monitor to automatically create a CSV file that contains all real-time information of a specific grid.


The recommended way to export information is by using the Export schedule in the monitor settings. Follow the instructions below.

To use the export scheduler in the console, navigate to Settings > Export Schedule and follow the steps described in the section below. Keep in mind that if you choose to use the export schedule in the console settings (instead of the monitor settings), data will only be exported when a console is running within your ControlUp organization, regardless of the user.

Create an Export Rule

There are two ways to add a new export rule that the monitor will utilize:

Create a New Export Rule in the Console

In the console, navigate to Settings > Monitors > Monitors Settings > Export Schedule and click Add Export Rule

In this window, you can configure a new export rule. The following options are available:

Export View The name of the view you see in the Real-Time DX Console. Possible values are Folders, Hosts, Machines, Sessions, Processes, Accounts, Accounts, Applications
Days of the week The days of the week on which the export rule should be executed
Start time Time of day when the export rule should begin execution
End time Time of day at which the export rule will stop running
Interval Interval at which the export rule will run
Output folder The exported files can be saved either locally on the monitor machine or to a UNC path
Delete files older than

Retention period for old export files

Include association columns (for 3rd party integrations)

Includes hidden columns for internal use when expanding the export file

Create a New Export Rule in PowerShell

You can use the Add-CUScheduledExportRule to add a new export rule.

PowerShell Cmdlets

You can utilize PowerShell cmdlets to interact with export rules. Learn more here.

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