HA & Backup
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HA & Backup

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ControlUp's Hybrid Cloud Solution

By design, ControlUp's Hybrid Cloud solution is highly available since most configuration information and Insights data is saved on our Cloud servers.



High Availability

ControlUp Real-Time Console

For saving personal user configuration such as draft SBAs, columns views, credentials sets, etc. Backup the folder: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ControlUp

The Console - either Cloud or On-Premises - is highly available as most configuration data is stored in either the cloud or your on-premises LDS instance.

ControlUp Monitor

For saving the monitor settings, backup the folder -C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming

Install 2 monitors, select the primary monitor, once the primary fails, the 2nd monitor will automatically take over.

ControlUp's On-Premises Solution

On-Premises Server

Since the ControlUp On-Premises server stores your organization’s LDS database & IIS instance in addition to the CU server service, we recommend using your enterprise standard VM backup tools to protect your data.

There is no need to configure an HA pair for this component, the consoles and Monitor services have an offline cache feature that enables them to continue working without a live connection to the On-prem server for up to 24 hours. The only recommendation here is to have a valid snapshot and DRS configuration for this server

SQL database

Follow Microsoft’s recommendations on backing up the SQL database from here.

Use Microsoft’s recommendations on how to make it HA from here.

On-Premises Console & Monitor
Same as online mode, backup of the relevant folders is a must.

Insights On-Premises

Backing up the Activity Files folder is enough to recreate the historical reporting.

Our recommendation is that this folder be backed up on a daily/weekly basis for 2 reasons:

1. Be able to clear the folder every week/regularly to avoid bloat

2. Be able to restore and re-index all data in case the IOP server is no longer available.

Create an image of the IOP machine (Linux-based) or just install IOP on a fresh machine and check our KB afterwards - Adding Insights On-Premises IOP Module

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