How to Capture UCC Data from VDI
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    How to Capture UCC Data from VDI

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    Article Summary

    You can use Remote DX to set a ControlUp Agent to capture Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) data from a Citrix VDA to a physical endpoint. You can monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams with the insights you gain from the UCC data.

    Without this feature, the Edge DX Agent can see the UCC call data offloaded to the physical endpoint from the Citrix session, but can't identify where the call originated from. For example, in the Live Callers dashboard, you can see the call data, but not the username.

    After you follow the instructions in this article, Remote DX can identify the caller and link data from both the graph API and the Edge DX Agent, letting you use ControlUp UCC monitoring for Citrix-optimized Teams calls.


    You must complete the following prerequisites to enable the feature. You can download the required ControlUp files here.



    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops:

    • Add the following registry settings in the Citrix VDA.

      • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent
      • Value: send_edge_data (REG_DWORD)
      • Data: 1
    • If you use Microsoft Teams 2.1, add the following registry settings in the Citrix VDA. Read the Citrix documentation for details.

      • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Citrix\WebSocketService
      • Value: ProcessWhitelist
      • Data: msedgewebview2.exe

    Physical Endpoint:

    • Launch a native client session (wfica32.exe). Don’t launch an HTML5 browser session. You can launch from a Web Interface/NetScaler web page, if the session opens outside of the browser.
    • In Task Manager, verify if both wfica32.exe and HDXRTC are running.

    Software Components

    • ControlUp Agent (Console and Monitors) version or higher
    • Real-Time DX version or higher
    • Remote DX license
    • Remote DX plug-in for Citrix WorkspaceApp on Windows version or higher
    • Edge DX Agent version 2.13 or higher
    • In Edge DX, go to Configuration > Settings > Agent > Custom Settings and add the following settings:
    "WidgetSettings": [
            "widget": "cuagent",
            "configs": [
                    "json": "{ \"DataRequested\": [ %EDGEDX.CUAGENT.DATA% ] }"

    See Captured UCC Data

    After you complete the prerequisites above, perform the following steps to see fully captured UCC data and verify that you successfully enabled the feature:

    1. Make a Microsoft Teams call.
    2. On the physical endpoint where your Edge DX Agent is installed, open Edge and navigate to Dashboards > Configuration > Data > builtin_ucc_agent_data.
    3. Filter the data for your device name or ID. The tid and oid columns should populate with UCC data provided by the ControlUp Agent.

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