I can't remove the ControlUp agent (MSI Installed)
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    I can't remove the ControlUp agent (MSI Installed)

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    Article Summary


    The ControlUp Agent fails the uninstall process.


    The Agent was originally installed via MSI package and you tried to remove it via the Real-Time or with MSI package of a different ControlUp Agent version.
    This might lead to an MSI data base corruption in addition to missing registry keys or files in the file system.


    First thing you need to know is that an agent deployed by the Real-Time Console can be removed from the Console but an agent installed by MSI package can only be removed by the MSI package and not from the Console.

    1. Run the same MSI package you originally used to install the agent and remove it.
    2. If the uninstallation fails, try to repair the installation by running the MSI package and then try to remove again.
    3. You can also go to Add\Remove programs and right-click the agent and choose to remove.
    4. If you get to a point the agent cannot be removed, find attached a batch file which will help you to remove the installed ControlUp Agent. Download the file and run it in the command prompt as an administrator. The script should remove all relevant smart-x keys.

    Using PowerShell

    Use this PowerShell script linked here

    Additional Notes

    • In general you need to manually remove all smart-x registry keys and file system folders\files.

    • In case of an MSI data base corruption, try and uninstall the msi package with the attached tool - Windows Installer CleanUp Utility (see attached below)

    • A customer also reported that he was able to remove the agent once he enabled the local windows firewall, you can try that as well.

    • If you do not see the attachments, please open the article in a new tab.

    To download the latest ControlUp Agent MSI click here




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