IGEL Remote DX Installation
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    IGEL Remote DX Installation

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    Article Summary

    This article covers how to install Remote DX onto IGEL OS devices.

    Remote DX supports devices running IGEL OS 11 and OS 12 connecting to Citrix and VMware virtual environments.

    Install Remote DX

    Select your IGEL OS version below:

    Install the IGEL Ready Certified Remote DX application on IGEL OS 12 devices through IGEL UMS.

    Configure the application in IGEL UMS

    1. Open the IGEL App Portal and import ControlUp Remote DX.UMS1
    2. In IGEL UMS, add the ControlUp Remote DX application to a profile used for device deployment. Visit the IGEL documentation to learn more about this step.
    3. Open the configuration for the ControlUp Remote DX application.UMS2
    4. Depending on whether you are using the IGEL device to connect to a Citrix or VMware environment, enable Remote DX for either Citrix or VMware.
    5. Click Save and Close to save your changes to the application configuration.

    Devices that are configured to run the ControlUp Remote DX application automatically install the Remote DX plugin. You will be able to see client metrics from the IGEL devices while they are connected to your virtual environment.

    Update Remote DX

    When a new Remote DX version is available for IGEL, the ControlUp Remote DX application will be updated in the IGEL App Portal. You can update Remote DX through IGEL UMS.

    Video walkthrough
    Click here to watch a video walkthrough for installing Remote DX on IGEL OS 11 devices.

    There are two methods to install Remote DX on IGEL OS 11 devices, depending on whether the devices have access to the internet.

    Before you begin

    Depending on whether you use Citrix or VMware Horizon, download the relevant Remote DX plugin below:

    IGEL OS 11 online deployment

    To deploy the Remote DX plugin onto IGEL OS 11 devices that can access the internet:

    1. Open UMS on your machine.
    2. From the upper menu, select System > Import > Import Profiles.
    3. Select the Remote DX plugin zip file that you downloaded from the ControlUp Download Center and click Open.
    4. In the Import Profiles window, click Ok to finish the import process.
    5. Wait until the import process is complete.
    6. When the import process is complete, click Ok.
    7. Click the machine on which you want to install Remote DX.
    8. Click on the plus icon to assign as object to the machine and expand the Profiles list.
    9. Select the uploaded profile and add it to the Selected objects list and click Ok.
    10. In the Update time window, select Now and click Ok.
    11. The State column shows Finished when the upload is complete.

    IGEL OS 11 offline deployment

    To deploy the Remote DX plugin onto IGEL OS 11 devices that do not have access to the internet:

    1. Follow all of the instructions in steps in the online deployment instructions above.
    2. Download the following plugin for the IGEL Offline installation and place the file on your UMS server: https://downloads.controlup.com/RemoteDX/citrix/igel/cuepux.dll
    3. Right-click Files and select New File.
    4. Add a new file by clicking the three dots next to the Local file field.
    5. Browse to the cuepux.dll file you downloaded in step 2, select the file, and click Open.
    6. Copy and paste the name of the file after the /wfs/ on the Devices file location field.
    7. Set the Access Rights of Others to Read and Execute. Click Ok to upload the cuepux.dll file to the UMS server.
    8. Click on the machine on which you want to install Remote DX.
    9. Click the plus icon to assign an object to the machine and expand the File list.
    10. In the Select assignable objects window, select the cuepux.dll file and click the > button to move the file to the Selected objects list. Click Ok to upload the file onto the IGEL device.
    11. In the Update time window, select Now and click Ok.
    12. The State column shows Finished when the upload is complete.

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