Linux Integration with ControlUp
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Linux Integration with ControlUp

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In ControlUp you can also monitor your Linux machines.

Connections to Linux machines are done via SSH. 

We support adding Linux machines into your organization and monitor them via the ControlUp Real-Time Console & ControlUp Monitor.
We utilize the connection to Linux machines via SSH (port 22) to gather information about the computer, processes, and logical disks.
If you have a CU data collector in place, we'll use port 40705 to get to the CU data collector and from there, the data collector will use port 22 to get to the Linux machines via SSH. Having a data collector will improve the performance of the Real-Time Console & ControlUp Monitor.

Supported Linux Distributions

The supported OS's are:

  • RHEL 6.x, 7.x
  • CentOs 6.x, 7.x


  • Before you begin the process of adding a Linux machine to a Linux Data Collector (LDC) for monitoring, the redhat‑lsb‑core package must be installed on the Linux machine.
  • Monitoring can only take place if the following RPMs are installed on the monitored Linux computer:
    • wget
    • bc
    • sed
    • gawk
    • coreutils
    • sysstat
    • net-tools
    • util-linux
    • procps-ng

You can install these packages yourself on a Linux computer before you assign it to an LDC, or ControlUp can install them for you during the process of adding the Linux computer to an LDC.

If you choose to let ControlUp install them, the credentials you provide for adding the computer to the LDC must have a sudo user role. In addition, the !requiretty property must be included in the /etc/sudoers file, either globally for the computer or individually for the user account that is used for adding the computer to the LDC.

The following articles will assist you in creating a Linux data collector & adding machines to it -

  1. How to create a Linux Data Collector.
  2. Adding & assigning Linux Computers to a Linux Data Collector.

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