Monitor Alerts
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    Monitor Alerts

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    Article Summary

    This article describes some of the alerts you may receive indicating that the monitor is not working properly.

    No Monitor Activity

    This alert indicates that your monitor service is either not running or cannot connect to ControlUp's servers. To fix this, check the following:

    Log into the console and check the monitor's status. In the top menu, select Settings and in the Settings ribbon, select Monitors. Expand the problematic monitor.

    • When working properly, it should have the 360011524917mceclip0.png icon and status indicating that the monitor is running properly.
    • If not, it appears as follows:
      • If the status shows that it is not running, Restart the monitor service. If you can't get it to run contact our support team
      • If the status is running, but still fails to upload data, as shown here:
        verify that the machine running the monitor service can access our backend servers:

    For more information about how to troubleshoot missing data in the Insights portal, refer to Missing Data in Insights (Proxy Issue) or contact our support team.

    No Upload Activity

    This alert indicates that your monitor is running successfully and is connected to our configuration servers, but does not upload properly due to a connection issue with our S3 bucket.

    You can check the status of each monitor by clicking Settings > Monitors. Expand the problematic monitor.

    In this situation, the following message is displayed:


    To fix this, verify that the machine running the monitor can access the following DNS hostnames:


    Make sure that these DNS hostnames are whitelisted on your firewall.

    For more information on missing data in Insights, refer to Missing Data in Insights (Proxy Issue) or contact our support team.

    Low Upload Volume

    This alert indicates that you are still uploading data, but the volume of data has dropped in comparison to the same time last week.

    This may be intentional due to migration or holiday. However, it can also indicate that the monitor cannot connect to some machines due to a service account that's locked or a password change.

    In the Monitor Settings screen, you can see the relevant errors in both the Summary and Monitored Resources tabs:

    • Summary: Resources connected display lower number of connected machines.

    • Monitored Resources: All agent connections with the monitor are shown in this screen.
      The root cause can be agents not upgraded (prior to 7.1), no connection using the port (40705), agent service not running, etc.
      You can also verify if the agents connect using the console.

    For more details, contact our support team.

    Monitor Disconnected from Hypervisors

    This alert indicates that your ControlUp Monitor is not connected to one or more of your extensions, for example Hypervisors, EUC environments or Citrix ADC .

    You can verify this by clicking Manage Monitors from the ControlUp Insights ribbon:

    This is usually due to changing a service account's password or a locked user, verify the user by clicking on Monitors Settings in the above screen and edit the user/password in the lower pane:


    For more information, see Connect to your Virtualization Infrastructure or contact support at

    Missing Shared Credentials

    Error message: Could not find suitable connection credentials for account

    Your monitor cluster may not have access to configured Configuring Shared Credentials which the monitors use to connect to your monitored extensions, such as VMware Horizon or CVAD. In most cases, this error appears when credentials were changed without updating them in the Real-Time Console.

    To check the credentials of your monitor cluster, in the Settings ribbon, click Monitors and click the items in the Data Sources column for the monitor. In the dialog that opens, check that there is no error based on credentials for each of the data sources.

    In the image below, you can see what the connection credential error looks like.

    Process on Demand Enabled

    If you receive this alert, it means that the monitor's Advanced Setting called Disable views that depend on process-level information is selected. Enabling this option means that no process-level information would be shared to the monitors. So it is best practice not to select and enable that option.

    Setting removed

    Note that this setting has been removed in Real-Time DX version 8.8


    Information Updates Regulation Not Enabled

    If you receive this alert, it means that the monitor's Advanced Setting called Do not regulate information updates is selected. By default without this option selected, the activity reported from the agents to the monitors is regulated. The monitors approach the agent at a set interval, at an average of 3 seconds, and request that they push the data. Selecting this option means that there are unregulated updates to the information being reported from the agents to the monitor. While this may provide faster updates than the average of 3 seconds, this is very resource-intensive and may cause undue strain on the monitors.


    For details, see Advanced Monitor Settings.

    Insufficient Data Uploaded

    If you receive this alert, it means that your monitor is uploading incomplete information. ControlUp Insights may be unable to produce meaningful reports based on this data. The monitors have previously uploaded process, session and machine data but have now stopped.

    This may be caused by a monitor-agent communication issue. Restart the monitor machine. This may remedy this issue.

    If this does not remedy the issue and the monitor is still uploading insufficient data, see the Low Upload Volume section for further ways to diagnose and remedy the issue.

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