Monitoring Citrix License Server
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Monitoring Citrix License Server

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ControlUp supports monitoring the usage of licenses installed on a Citrix License Server. The only prerequisite for this is that the License Server needs to be added as a managed computer to the ControlUp organization. Once the ControlUp Agent is deployed to the License Server and started, the agent starts gathering license usage data and reporting it to the ControlUp Real-Time Console and monitor instances in your organization.

When you double-click Citrix License Server machine, the grid displays a Citrix Licenses tab in addition to the default Sessions, Processes, and Logical Disks tabs. When you click the Citrix Licenses tab, the information grid displays the license objects installed on the selected Citrix License Server.


The following metrics are displayed for every licensed product:

Column Name


License Count

The total amount of installed licenses for the product

License Pool - Available

Number of remaining licenses in the license pool that are ready for use

License Type

Describes the license type of the installed product

Licenses in Use

Number of licenses currently in use

Licenses in Use Percentage

Percentage of licenses currently in use


Additional 10% licenses granted to support temporary spikes in demand (relevant to XenDesktop with User/Device model only). Click here for more information.


Technical ID of the licensed product


License product name and model

Alerting on Citrix License Utilization

The Citrix Licenses view does not include a Stress Level column. However, you can still configure ControlUp to send alerts whenever Citrix license utilization crosses a threshold. This can be done by modifying the stress settings to include the Top Citrix License Utilization column in the Machines view to contribute to the computers’ stress level, as shown below:


In the example depicted in the screenshot above, the “Top Citrix License Utilization Column” will trigger an increase of 1 point in the License Server computer’s Stress Level when the most highly utilized licensed product on the server crosses a utilization threshold of 101%.

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