NVIDIA vGPU Information Specifications
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    NVIDIA vGPU Information Specifications

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    Article Summary

    This article is only relevant for ControlUp version 8.6.5 or lower. See GPU Monitoring with ControlUp 8.7 for updated information.

    Users demand a better experience when using graphics-intensive applications. While it might be okay for a timecard form to load slightly slower, it’s not acceptable for a video to jitter.

    Between the options of throwing more CPU at the problem or taking the vGPU route, the answer is obvious. And that’s is why we’re seeing rapid adoption of vGPU in VDI environments.

    With ControlUp, you can view vGPU metrics in the Real-Time Console and the web UI. Here's what’s possible with these new additions:

    • Static VM level metrics like vGPU Model and architecture, number of cores, and driver version.
    • Runtime VM level metrics like available memory, frame buffer size and amount allocated, video encoder, and encoder usage.
    • Runtime process level metrics show how many vGPU resources each relevant process consumes.
      In the Machines view, we offer a detailed preset view of the following NVIDIA GPU columns:

    GPU Architecture

    GPU's architecture name

    GPU Available Memory

    NVIDIA GPU available memory in megabytes (MB)

    GPU Frame Buffer Size

    Size of memory assigned to the NVIDIA GPU

    GPU Frame Buffer Usage

    NVIDIA GPU Frame Buffer usage in percents

    GPU Memory Usage

    NVIDIA GPU memory usage in percents

    GPU Model

    GPU name or NVIDIA GRID GPU profile type

    GPU Number of Cores

    Number of NVIDIA CUDA cores

    GPU NVIDIA driver version

    Current version of the installed NVIDIA GPU driver

    GPU NVIDIA License Port

    Primary NVIDIA license server port

    GPU NVIDIA License Server

    Primary NVIDIA license server name

    GPU Usage

    NVIDIA GPU usage in percents

    GPU Video Decoder Usage

    NVIDIA GPU video decoder usage in percents

    GPU Video Encoder Usage

    NVIDIA GPU video encoder usage in percents


    • ControlUp Agent. Must be installed on the machine where the GPU is installed.
    • NVIDIA WMI v2.30. Current version for 5.0,5.1,5.2.
    • GPU OS Support: 
      • Windows 8/8.1 64bit
      • Windows 10 64bit
      • Windows Server 2016 64bit
    • NVIDIA GRID Windows Driver Support: 
      • 5.0 - 385.41
      • 5.1 - 385.90
      • 5.2 - 386.09
    • Supported GPUs:
      • M6
      • M10
      • M60
      • P4
      • P6
      • P40
      • P100
    • Hypervisors Support:
      • All hypervisors supported by ControlUp 7.1

    Known Issue

    After rebooting a machine, the ControlUp Agent goes up before the NVIDIA driver and then information isn't pulled properly from NVIDIA's API. 


    Restart the ControlUp Agent: Right click the machine > Agent Control > Restart Remote Agent

    If you want to change the Registry Keys for the number of retries to contact:

    • Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\GPU
    • Value: GPU
    • Data Type: DWORD
    • Value Data
      • NumberOfRetries - 5 by default
      • IntervalBetweenRetries - 60000ms by default


    Full utilization of your GPU can be shown in the command nvidia-smi.

    See our blog post about Managing vGPU in VDI.

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