Schedule Settings
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    Schedule Settings

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    Article Summary

    Use the Schedule Settings tab of the Settings window to create and manage a list of predefined schedules which can be used with incident triggers and follow-up actions.

    This personal setting isn't global. If you clear the AppData folder it won't be applied anymore.

    Each schedule you create is added to the list of schedules available for selection in the following contexts:

    • When configuring an incident trigger, you can choose a schedule to restrict the incidents to the specified days and times defined in the schedule.
    • When adding a follow-up action to an incident trigger (such as sending an email alert), the schedule can be used to determine whether or not to perform the follow-up action when the trigger is activated.

    Each entry in this list is a matrix of hours and days of the week, specifying whether to enable incident recording for each of the time slots defined.

    For example, you may want to create a schedule and record incidents during peak hours of the work week and not record incidents during the weekend. You would select Monday through Friday, 9:00am through 5:00pm, select Record incident and be sure give the schedule an immediately recognizable name like "Peak working days/hours".

    To add a schedule entry:

    1. In the Settings tab, click Schedule . The Manage Schedules dialog opens.
    2. Click Add Schedule . The Alert Event Schedule dialog opens.
    3. In the Schedule name field, enter a name for your schedule (e.g. “All Week Except Saturday Downtime”).
    4. Use your mouse to highlight and select the days and times when you want incidents recorded.
    5. Select Record incident for the timeslot you just highlighted. The timeslot selected appears blue.
    6. If there are times during this timeslot that you do not want incidents recorded, highlight those times with your mouse, and then select Do not record incident . Those timeslots, even if they appear within the original timeslot now appear white.

    Check that the days/times when you want incidents recorded appear in blue and the days/times when you don't want incidents recorded appear white.

    1. Click OK to save your schedule. You should see your schedule listed in the Name column, with the days/times you highlighted in the Schedule column next to it.

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