Secure DX Overview
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    Secure DX Overview

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    Secure DX identifies and remediates security issues on your devices to help minimize risk to your environment.

    To detect security issues on your devices, you create Templates that scan devices for a specific set of issues at a set interval. After Templates have scanned your devices, you can see details about the detected security issues in your environment using the various pages in Secure DX.

    In addition to detecting security issues, Secure DX can also remediate them. For example, Secure DX can update applications when a new version is available. You can configure a Template to automatically remediate issues once detected, or you can manually initiate the remediation later.

    Secure DX calculates security scores for issues, devices, apps, and users so you can quickly identify the highest security risks to your environment and prioritize remediation.


    • Your ControlUp organization must be licensed for Edge DX (Physical Endpoints & Apps).
    • You must access ControlUp from Read upgrade your organization if you don't use
    • Windows devices with the Edge DX Agent installed. Click here to see prerequisites for Edge DX.
    • To start the deployment, you must have the Admin user role in

    Secure DX can simulate security threats to test if they are detected and blocked by your security controls. It is important that you notify your security team before performing these security checks. Learn more.

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    Network requirements

    Devices must have access to:

    CDN reverse proxy

    All application patch downloads are routed through our CDN reverse proxy ( If you disable the CDN reverse proxy in your Agent settings, then devices must have unrestricted outbound HTTPS access to the internet to download patches from application vendor websites/CDNs.


    Permissions for accessing different sections and performing actions in Secure DX are controlled in the Secure DX Management permission category.

    You can limit the scope of the permissions by targetting device groups and tags. If you don't have permission for a certain device, then you can't see any data of perform actions on the device in Secure DX.

    Learn more about roles and permissions.

    Secure DX permissions.png

    Get started

    To get started, open and go to Secure DX.
    Access Secure DX Module.png

    If you are the first person to use Secure DX in your organization, a setup wizard prompts you to deploy the Secure DX Agent and create a Template.

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