Sign in to a ControlUp Organization
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    Sign in to a ControlUp Organization

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    Article Summary

    If someone has already created a ControlUp organization in your domain, then you can sign in to that organization if you have been given access permission.

    To learn how to allow users to access a ControlUp organization, visit Add Users to ControlUp and Manage Login Access.

    To learn how to create and set up an organization, visit First Steps with VDI & DaaS Hybrid Cloud.

    Sign in to ControlUp

    To sign in to an existing ControlUp organization:

    1. Download the Real-Time Console from our download center.

    2. Unzip the file you downloaded and run ControlUpConsole.exe.

    3. If you have never created a ControlUp account with your Active Directory user, click Register with ControlUp.

      1. Enter a valid enterprise email address, name, mobile phone number (optional), and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

      2. Click Continue.
      3. Confirm your email address and click OK.
      4. Enter the OTP sent to your email.
    4. Select the organization that you want to sign in to and click Continue.


      You will see all organizations that are linked to your email address

    5. If prompted, enter the OTP sent to your account's email address and click Continue.

    The ControlUp Console opens and you are signed in to the organization you selected.


    Here are some common problems when trying to sign in to a ControlUp organization, and how to fix them.

    • I didn't receive my OTP code. - Make sure that the machine you are using to sign in to ControlUp has access to the required URLs listed in the network requirements article. If you have access to these URLs, check that your email provider didn't flag the email as spam. If the email is not in a spam folder, click Resend passcode to try again.

    • I received "Login Error - You are not authorized to log into ControlUp. - The person who created the ControlUp organization (or another user who has been given user access control), needs to allow you to access the organization. Visit Manage ControlUp Organization Membership and User Login Access to learn more.

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