Top Windows Errors Report
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    Top Windows Errors Report

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    New Data Pipeline

    This article covers this report as you see it from the new data pipeline. Some features described are visible only when viewing the new report format. For details, visit VDI and DaaS Reports.
    You can view On-Premises reports and Top Insights reports only in legacy format.
    The Top Windows Errors report shows historical information about the rate of Windows errors recorded on machines in your organization and how these errors were distributed throughout the month you select. In addition, the report lists the top 10 Windows errors in your organization. The data is collected by ControlUp Monitors running Windows Event triggers that you can configure in the Real-Time Console.

    Use the report to answer questions such as:

    • What are the most common Windows errors in my organization?
    • Which machines suffer most from Windows errors?
    • Do I have a problematic server in my organization?
    • Do recent configuration changes to my environment cause any new issues?

    To learn more about the Top Windows Errors report, watch our video.

    Filter Results

    To filter the list of errors, select a month from the time range dropdown. By default, the selected time range is the previous month. You can select a time range from the previous 12 months. Without the limits of hourly or daily data, this enables a broader understanding of error trends over longer time frames than available in other reports.

    Report Functionality

    The report provides the following functionalities:

    • Displays a summary of error data in widgets at the top of the page, including:
      • Total Events. Total amount of error events.
      • Daily Min. Daily minimum of errors.
      • Daily Max. Daily maximum of errors.
      • Daily Avg. Daily average of errors.
      • Date of First Error. Date of first error recorded in selected month.
      • Date of Last Error. Date of last error recorded in selected month.
    • Displays the Total Count of Windows Errors in Your Organization chart. It shows the distribution of Windows errors in your organization over the selected time period. Each bar on the chart represents the total number of error events recorded for a specific day. Note sudden spikes that might signify issues in need of remediation.

    Column Descriptions

    The Top 10 Windows errors in your organization grid at the bottom of the page shows the frequency of different errors in all of the other organizations monitored by ControlUp, including your organization. Use the grid as a reference to determine the priority of addressing the cause and symptoms of each error in your organization.

    The grid contains the following columns:

    Event RankEvent rank.
    Event SourceWhere the errors occurred.
    Event IDEvent ID.
    Event FrequencyFrequency of and the number of machines that the specific error occurred on during the selected reporting period.
    Organizations with Error in Top 10Percentage of organizations with the specific error in their top 10.
    Organizations Experiencing ErrorPercentage of organizations experiencing the specific error.
    More InfoClick to open a new tab to research event details online.

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