Upgrade Guide for Hybrid Cloud
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Upgrade Guide for Hybrid Cloud

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This article describes the steps required to upgrade your ControlUp Hybrid Cloud infrastructure from version 8.x to latest version.


Read the ControlUp Hybrid Cloud Implementation Requirements guide and make sure you meet all prerequisites.

Preparation before upgrading

  1. Download the latest ControlUp version from here.
Version 8.7 Beta Program Adopters

Do not use the above link to download the version. Use only the link provided in your Beta program welcome email.

  1. Back up the ControlUp folder which holds the configuration of your ControlUp environment.

    To back up the folder:

    a. Press CTRL + X and type %appdata%. Click OK. This opens the Roaming folder for your logged-in user.

    b. Select the ControlUp folder and copy it to a secure location.

  2. Ensure that all data collectors are up to date and compatible with the console/monitor version.

  3. Ensure the compatibility of the data collectors. For more information see here.

Upgrade Procedure

Before you start upgrading your Hybrid cloud environment, close all open ControlUp Real-Time Consoles that are running on your machine and launch the file for the new version of the Real-Time Console. If required, log in with your credentials to your existing organization.

To upgrade the ControlUp Monitors:

  1. From the ControlUp Management Console screen click the Settings ribbon and then Monitors and the Manage ControlUp Monitors screen appears.

  2. From the monitor tab, you can see under Details that there is a version mismatch.

  3. Right-click on the monitor and select Upgrade. This starts the upgrade process for the selected monitor.

To upgrade the ControlUp Data Collectors:

  • Locate the machines which are configured as data collectors in the organization tree. Right-click on the machine and select Agent Control and choose Upgrade/Install Remote Agent. This starts the deployment of the ControlUp Agent on the selected machine.

To upgrade the ControlUp Agents:

  • We recommend having the agents upgraded as well to have the same version as the other components so you can benefit from the latest fixes, features, and enhancements.

  • You can perform the upgrade to all agents from the Real-Time Console as follows:

    • Right-click the organization name and select Upgrade/Install Remote Agents to upgrade all agents.
  • If you use Citrix PVS, MCS, or VMware Linked Clones images in your organization, you can download the ControlUp Agent MSI from this link and deploy it on the image itself.

  • ControlUp supports backward compatibility for the agents so it's not mandatory to upgrade the agents right away.

Data Collector Compatibility

As mentioned above, it is crucial to ensure the compatibility of the data collectors. It is best practice to have dedicated machines that serve as data collectors, however, by default, the Real-Time Console and the ControlUp Monitor fill this role. To find out which settings the data collector role holds, follow the steps below.

  1. From the directory tree, right-click your hypervisor connection, XenDesktop site, or NetScaler appliance and click Connection Settings and the Edit Connection tab appears.

  2. Open the dropdown of the data collectors by pressing the arrow.
    If a machine is shown up after you click the arrow, then this machine acts as a data collector. The agent on that machine must be updated.
    If no machine is shown after you click the arrow, then you don't use a data collector in your ControlUp environment.

  3. Search for the data collectors in the directory tree.

If a data collector is not up to date, the machine appears with an icon.
4. To update the data collector, right-click the data collector in the organization tree and select Agent Control > Upgrade Remote Agent.

Assistance required?

Contact our support at support@controlup.com

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