Upgrade Custom Hives
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    Upgrade Custom Hives

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    Article Summary

    When you upgrade a Hive, the Hive configuration is saved and it automatically connects to Scoutbees. Your Scouts continue to run from the upgraded Hive.

    You can check the version of a Custom Hive by going to the Hives tab and looking at the Hive Version column. A warning icon appears if a newer version is available.

    new hive version available.png

    Release Notes

    To see what's new in each Custom Hive version, read the Release Notes.

    Custom Hive release notes.png

    Upgrade a Custom Hive

    To upgrade a Custom Hive to the latest version:

    1. In Scoutbees, go to the Hives tab and click Download Custom Hive to download the latest Custom Hive installation file.
      Download latest hive version.png

    2. Run the installation file on the machine where the Custom Hive is installed. The installation wizard upgrades the Hive.

    You must run the installation file on the machine of each Custom Hive that you want to upgrade. It is recommended that you upgrade a few Custom Hives and ensure that your Scouts are still working properly before you upgrade the rest of your Custom Hives.


    Custom Hives can take up to a minute to upgrade. Scouts configured to run during this time might not run successfully.

    Downgrade a Custom Hive

    If you have problems after upgrading a Custom Hive, and you urgently need your Scouts back up and running, you can downgrade a Custom Hive by running the installation file of a previous version.

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