Windows Remote DX Installation
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    Windows Remote DX Installation

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    Article Summary

    This article covers how to install the Remote DX plugin on Windows devices.

    For an overview of Remote DX and the client device metrics you can monitor, visit Remote DX Overview and Client Metrics.

    Citrix deployment best practices
    If you are deploying for Citrix environments, read our Best Practices for Citrix Configuration with Remote DX

    Supported Versions

    Visit the Remote DX Support Matrix to see which versions of Windows are supported on each VDA platform.

    Download Remote DX

    Download the Windows Remote RX plugin for your VDA platform.

    • Go to our Download Center for all Remote DX download options.
    • Go to for a friendlier website that you can send to your users to help them install Remote DX onto their devices. This site has:
      • Fewer download options
      • Step-by-step instructions
      • Walkthrough videos

    Install Remote DX

    You can install Remote DX using two methods:

    • Manual GUI install
    • Command line install

    Both installation methods require Windows administrator privileges.

    Manual GUI Install

    1. Run the downloaded Remote DX file.
    2. In the installation wizard, select which private user data you want Remote DX to collect. If you select a metric using the checkbox, then Remote DX collects that metric.
    3. Complete the installation wizard.

    Command Line Install

    Install Remote DX using the following command. Note that this example shows the command to install the Citrix plugin. You might need to change the file name to the file you downloaded.

    Private User Data
    When you install with the command line, Remote DX collects all private user metrics by default. You can specify to not collect certain metrics using the /privacy parameter. Read below for details.
    curdx_windows_citrix.exe /user=current/all

    Optionally, add the following parameters to the command:

    • /silent - The installation progress window is displayed, but the installation wizard is not
    • /verysilent - Nothing is displayed to the user during installation
    • /privacy - Specifies to not to collect certain private user metrics. Set this parameter to one or more of the following values. The example below shows how to use this parameter.
      • inactivity to not measure inactivity duration
      • location to not record the device location
      • ispname to not record the ISP name of the network connection
      • wifissid to not record the wireless network SSID
    Example with parameters
    This is how you would set these parameters on the command-line. In this example, none of the private user metrics are collected because they are all listed in the /privacy parameter.
    curdx_windows_citrix.exe /verysilent /privacy=inactivity,location,ispname,wifissid /user=current/all

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