Changing The Location & Size of IOP Database

By default, the Insights On-Premises (IOP) data base is limited to 512 GB and once you reach that size, the data is overwritten. Please note that if you have less than 5 GB on the drive storing the data base, Indexing and some other functionalities will stop.

Here are the steps how to change the location and\or size of the data base:

  1. Stop splunkd service on the IOP server
  2. Move the CUIOP folder from: C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Insights\var\lib\splunk\cuiop to the desired location (DataModel_Summary folder will be recreated, that is normal)
  3. Copy file Indexes.conf from C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Insights\etc\apps\controlup_iop\default to C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Insights\etc\apps\controlup_iop\local and Edit it there
  4. On [cuiop] section (only one that is relevant), change $SplunkDB to drive\folder before \cuiop\
  5. Change the Max size of the Index by changing the value of maxTotalDataSizeMB, please note that it is in MB, meaning 512 GB is 512000 MB

In the following example we changed the limit to 128GB and the location D:\ControlUpIOP\cuiop\db123123.png


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