AWS CloudWatch API Costs

ControlUp will be making API calls on your behalf when monitoring your AWS account for retrieving CloudWatch metrics. These API calls are charged for by Amazon (

Amazon charges a fee for CloudWatch API access above 1 million requests/month.

These charges are billed to the account associated with the credentials you provide us when adding AWS cloud connection to ControlUp.

Currently, we use the AWS services every 5 minutes for a regular instance, and every 1 minute for a detailed monitored instance, and make an API call for 8 metrics per instance.

For scale, monitoring an instance without detailed monitoring will result in a maximum monthly cost of about $0.69, and a maximum monthly cost of $3.45 for an instance with detailed monitoring enabled.

The above estimate assumes that instances are up for the entire month.


Related to ControlUp Real Time Console Version 7.0+.

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