How to disable\Enable On-Premises "Upload"?

There are situations where the customer moves from cloud to on-premises mode and while he worked with the cloud, he disabled the upload.

The issue is that the Monitor shows that the upload is disabled.


Cloud example, upload is disabled - 


The issue is that in on-premises mode, the data upload settings does not have the option to enable back the upload -


The solution is to open ADSI edit and change the string manually. The trick is to copy a string which represents "enabled" and paste it in the upload data settings which is at the moment set to disabled.

Here are the steps:

1. Stop all monitor services and exit all consoles

2. Rename the *.v3.xml file to .old on the machine you run the console on (on all consoloe machines). The file is located here: %appdata%\Roaming\ControlUp\Configuration

3. Open ADSI edit with the settings shown in the screenshot:


cn=controlup,o=smartx    localhost:50500


4. To copy an "Enabled" string, we need to verify in the console that a specific settings is in fact enabled. In this example I am going to the settings-> agent settings and verify the Auto upgrade is enabled - 


In the ADSI edit go to the location presented in the screenshot -


Copy the Data String - 



3. Paste the string in the data upload settings. In ADSI edit go to the location presented in the screenshot-


Paste the string in the data string of the data upload settings - 



5. Last step is to start the console, because we renamed the local configuration file, the console will now retrieve new and updated configuration from the LDS. Then start the Monitor so it will retrieve new configuration as well.

Issue should be solved and now the Monitor will show that it is connected and uploading - 



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