How to move the on-premises ControlUp database?

There are situations where the ControlUp database needs to be moved from one SQL server to another.
In order to move the database, you need to take the database backup and import it on the new SQL server. (that is done by the organization's DBA)

In detail this process will look similar to this:
1. Login to the SQL Manager console on the origin server.
2. Locate the ControlUpDB.
3. Right click and select “Tasks\Backup” from the menu.12311.png4. This will launch the DB Backup utility.12312333.png
5. Configure desired options (path, file name, etc) and click “Ok” to perform the backup process.
6. Copy the .bak file you created to the destination server.
7. On the destination server launch SQL Management Console
8. Right click on “System Databases” and select “Restore Database”221.png
9. Configure the Restore wizard to target the .bak file you created and run the DB restore2211.pngOnce the database is moved, the SQL connection string (the SQL details defined during the on-premises server application wizard) need to be edited.

Here are the steps:
1. On the on-premises server, open regedit.exe and go to the key presented in the following screenshot - 2017-04-20_0938.png2. As you can see the connection string is encrypted. In order to decrypt it, download the attached to this article.

3. Please copy the tool to the on-premises server and launch it. (The tool works only on the on-premises server)2017-04-20_0946.png4. Take the encrypted string and paste it to the tool and click decrypt - 2017-04-20_0940.png5. Then edit the connection details in notepad - 2017-04-20_0949.png6. Relaunch the tool and paste the new details and encrypt the string - 2017-04-20_0952.png6. Copy and paste the new encrypted string to the registry key and click OK - 2017-04-20_0952_001.png7. Once you are finished with the registry update, reboot the On-Premises Server, and you are done -


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