Upgrading to the new Insights On-Premises (IOP)

In order to upgrade to the new IOP (Insights On-Premises) release, please download the installer from here.
Please save the installer on the IOP server and launch it.
Select the "Quick Upgrade" option and click on Continue:2017-06-29_1437.pngAgree to the license agreement:2017-06-29_1437_001.pngMake sure the installation path is correct or change it if needed:2017-06-29_1437_002.pngMake sure the activity shared folder path is correct or change it if needed:2017-06-29_1437_003.pngThe installation will start once you click Install:2017-06-29_1438.pngAn upgrade successfully installed message will appear when the installation finishes:2017-06-29_1440.png

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