Datastores View

How to Exclude a Datastore from the View

There may be datastores under your hypervisor for which you don't need monitoring and which may add unnecessary data to your view.

To exclude any datastores from monitoring:

  1. In the organization tree, right-click the hypervisor whose datastores you want to exclude from this view's data and select Properties. 
  2. In the Excluded Datastores field, specify the datastores that you want excluded from monitoring. Separate multiple values with a comma. You can also use an asterisk * as a wildcard value.
    Note: This field appears only for those hypervisors that have datastores.
  3. Reconnect to the hypervisor for the changes to take effect.



Column Descriptions for Datastores View

% Free Space

The percentage of free space available on the datastore


The capacity of the datastore in gigabytes

Datastore Name

The name of the datastore

Datastore Path

The network path of the datastore

Datastore Type

The datastore type (underlying technology)

Free Space

The amount of free space in the datastore in gigabytes

I/O Latency

Storage I/O Control size-normalized I/O latency


Storage I/O Control aggregated IOPS

Local Datastore

Denotes whether the datastore is a local datastore

Maintenance Mode

Whether the datastore is currently in maintenance mode

Max Queue Depth

Storage I/O Control datastore maximum queue depth


Average number of read commands issued per second to the datastore during the collection interval

Read Latency

The average time a read from the datastore takes

Read Rate

Rate of reading data from the datastore


Storage DRS datastore read I/O rate

SDRS Read Latency

Storage DRS datastore normalized read latency


Storage DRS datastore write I/O rate

SDRS Write Latency

Storage DRS datastore normalized write latency

SIOC Active Time

Percentage of time Storage I/O Control actively controlled datastore latency

Storage I/O Control Enabled

If Storage I/O Control is enabled

Storage Stats Collection

Are storage statistics being collected

Stress Level

Stress Level is a flexible load measure which you can customize using the "Stress Settings" pane.

Write IOPS

Average number of write commands issued per second to the datastore during the collection interval

Write Latency

The average time a write to the datastore takes

Write Rate

Rate of writing data to the datastore

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