ControlUp has detected...Using an on-premises Installation Error

Issue Description:

User is able to log in to ControlUp Console but receives the error - "ControlUp has detected that your environment is using an on-premises Installation"





The Reason:

Your organization has installed the ControlUp on-premises server. Once the license is requested, the environment is set to use the on-premises deployment and not the cloud.

When a user tries to launch a cloud console from the on-premises domain, the cloud console gets rejected.


The Solution:

Install the on-premises console and not the cloud console. The on-premises console is part of the on-premises installation package. If you do not have it the on-premises console installer, please click here to download it with the installation guide.

If you have installed the console and it still attempts to connect as a cloud console, please go to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Smart-X\ControlUp\PrivateCloud and Set Dword IsUsingPrivateCloud to 0.


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