How do I upgrade ControlUp (Hybrid Cloud)?

Upgrading ControlUp for Online implementations is easy! Simply follow these steps:

1. Download the ControlUp console from our website -


2. Agents

  • Before launching the new Console, open your existing Console and disable auto-connect options, then in Agent settings turn off "Deploy Agents automatically" and "Agents will be uninstalled automatically."


  • Launch the Console and upgrade your Agents. You can choose to upgrade all Agent by right-clicking the top folder selecting Agent control and Upgrade, or you can do each folder individually as you choose. 


  • If you have deployed Agents via MSI, then you must perform an upgrade via MSI as well. You can find the most recent versions of the MSI installers here.
  • Agent Backward Compatibility (supported from 7.3v of ControlUp Console)

    • ControlUp Console is now able to connect to computers running older versions of ControlUp Agent, supporting continuous monitoring and gradual rollout of new agent versions.
    • Minimum supported agent version: 7.1
    • Agents configured as dedicated data collectors (for hypervisors, XenDesktop, AWS, NetScaler) do not support down-level versions and require version 7.3


3. Upgrade the monitor from settings -> monitor settings -> Upgrade



Video of How to Upgrade ControlUp Console, Agents and Monitors

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