Add NetScaler Appliance

In order to add a NetScaler Appliance follow these steps:

Click on Add NetScaler button on the top banner or by right-clicking the NetScaler Appliance Folder and choose NetScaler Appliance. 


Fill in the details of your NetScaler Appliance:

  • Choose the protocol - HTTP or HTTPS
  • Provide the NetScaler Appliance management name or IP
  • Choose a name for the NetScaler Connection
  • Provide credentials for the NetScaler Management (Read-Only is a minimum requirement)
    We suggest using "Shared Credentials" for the Connection - to read more click here.

NoteAD accounts are not supported - only local NS accounts


Next, define Dedicated Data Collector, to review full guided procedure, click here 

Once you are done, you will be able to see your NetScaler Appliance details in the ControlUp Real Time Grid

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