Typical Usage Scenarios

RDS / Citrix Farm Management

In an RDS environment, user sessions are distributed across multiple servers. ControlUp allows the farm administrator to gain a complete performance overview of the servers, identify bottlenecks, locate user sessions, and pinpoint the issue to the level of an individual Windows process. ControlUp’s grid view allows for viewing the RDS farm as it is designed to be – a continuous fabric of resources available to multiple users. If a system task or a setting change is required, ControlUp can perform the change simultaneously on multiple servers or user sessions, keeping the server farm configuration uniform and stable.

VDI Environment Management

Virtual desktops environments need to provide a stable and robust user experience with great mobility and flexibility, which presents some unique challenges to the systems administrator. ControlUp’s aggregated grid view and simultaneous management task execution capabilities allow VDI administrators to oversee resource consumption, system stability, and user experience in VDI sessions, and also to perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks with a minimum amount of time and effort.

Physical Servers and Desktops Management

ControlUp can manage any amount of Windows servers and desktops, regardless of their purpose or usage. Monitoring performance, gathering software inventory, deploying files and registry settings, configuring Windows components, and remotely controlling user sessions for technical support – these are just a few examples of tasks making ControlUp an ideal all-in-one toolbox for system administrators.

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