Is ControlUp for You?

ControlUp is tailor-made for systems administrators and helpdesk personnel who oversee multi-user environments and are required to prevent and troubleshoot performance issues, application failures and operating system errors. Typically, these tasks require a repetitive and time-consuming execution of existing consoles, scripts and various management tools, none of which are capable of achieving the systems administrator’s two primary goals:

  • Quickly identify issues in a complex multi-user environment
  • Resolve these issues in a simple and efficient manner

ControlUp is a comprehensive system monitoring and management solution which provides deep visibility into the real-time activity of servers, workstations, users and the applications they use. The real-time console gathers and displays a wealth of current information regarding system health and performance. It also allows for powerful management actions to be executed in order to resolve issues and change system configurations. The ControlUp monitor service assists with 24/7 monitoring of your assets and alerts about any abnormal behavior according to a customizable set of incident triggers.

ControlUp Insights, the historical reporting and analytics platform, accumulates activity and performance data over time and displays a variety of reports that enable systems administrator to investigate past issues, track usage trends, analyze the systems performance and make decisions regarding future system design and configuration.



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