Security Rights & Permissions

By default, local administrative privileges on all managed computers are required in order to connect to these computers using ControlUp. Every time you attempt to run a management action using ControlUp, your Windows credentials will be evaluated according to your current ControlUp mode:

  • Enterprise Mode – in this mode ControlUp operates by evaluating both your current Windows credentials and the Security Policy configured using your organization’s central configuration. In Enterprise Mode the permissions may be restricted to limit access to ControlUp features for designated administrators, regardless of their existing Windows rights.
  • Standalone Mode – your Windows user account will always need to have full administrative rights on all target computers. If your account is not a local administrator on the managed computer, ControlUp agent will refuse the connection and you will not be able to monitor performance or execute management actions on that computer.

For more information on configuring ControlUp permissions, see the Secure Your Organization chapter.

For agentless monitoring of virtual machines, access permissions for the hypervisor are required.
For more details, see Hypervisor Monitoring Requirements.

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