Agent Settings

The Agent Settings tab of the Settings window allows you to select your preferred agent installation options:

  • Default port(40705 by default). You may select a custom TCP port number for client communications using the “Listen on port” field in the bottom right corner of the window. Please ensure the port number you select is not utilized for any other applications on your network
  • Check ping – by default, all selected computers are pinged before agent distribution to ensure connectivity. If your managed computers do not respond to ICMP traffic, you may uncheck the “Check Ping Reply” checkbox in the Add Computers window.
  • Prerequisites check – by default, all selected computers are tested for .Net Framework presence before agents are distributed. This test may be bypassed by unchecking the “Check Pre-requisites” checkbox.
  • Agent Installation Mode:
    • Temporary mode (default) – ControlUp agents will be installed upon connection to the managed computer and will automatically uninstall themselves after you disconnect these computers or close ControlUp.
    • Installed Agent Mode – ControlUp agents will persist on the managed computers, which will allow for faster connection. Choose this option for computers that you intend to manage with ControlUp on a regular basis.
  • Auto-Connect Interval – determines the time span between attempts to reconnect to agents if the “auto-connect” checkbox is enabled.
  • Download Agent MSI – use this link to download standalone MSI packages for agent installation.
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