Add Hypervisor

In this step you will see how to add hypervisors in order to get a deeper view of your environment.


Important Note:

If multiple colleagues are using ControlUp in your environment, please ensure each of them uses the same credentials for the hypervisor connection/s you create. Once a hypervisor connection is configured, ControlUp expects to find an identical set of credentials on all machines on which an instance of the Console or Monitor is used. This behavior is intended to ensure that only authorized users have access to hypervisor-related information and management actions. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a dedicated service account to connect ControlUp to your virtualization infrastructure.


The video below features a quick tutorial on how to add hypervisors to the ControlUp Real-time console:


For information about XenDesktop Integration, click here.

For more information please refer to our User Guide article here.

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