How do I use ControlUp in Standalone (Offline) mode?

Note: For ControlUp Console versions 7.4 and below.
To use ControlUp in an environment disconnected from the internet, you can install in the On-Premises version.

By default, ControlUp works in an online mode if Internet connectivity is available. If your network is not connected to the Internet, please use the Login Wizard to submit a Standalone (Offline) Registration Form:

If your computer has an Internet connection, you will not see the option to submit a Standalone Registration Form. In order to make this option visible, please add the following registry value before launching ControlUp:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smart-X\ControlUp\Console\UsedOfflineOnce (DWORD) = 1

After we finish processing your Standalone registration file, you will receive an e-mail from (please white-list this address) including your Standalone (Offline) login file that will enable you to work with ControlUp without connecting to ControlUp Hybrid Cloud servers.

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