Does ControlUp support historical reporting?

Absolutely!  Welcome to ControlUp Insights.  All you need to do is add a monitor to your environment within the ControlUp Real-time console.  Once you've done that, your data is automatically populated with the ControlUp Insights portal.  There you have a plethora of reports providing you with all of your historical data. 

In addition, if you are using the on premises version, you have access to the ControlUp Scheduled Export feature enables auto-exporting any information grid view to a CSV file on a scheduled basis (for example, the ControlUp real-time performance data can be exported every 5 minutes to a local / remote file folder). The ControlUp Reporter utility enables admins to analyze the exported CSV files and create graphical Excel reports. A step-by-step by guide and a report sample can be found in this User Session Activity report blog.

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