What are the benefits of using the ControlUp agent?

ControlUp agents, deployed remotely onto added computers, provide you with:

In-depth monitoring

  • Detailed machine-level/session performance metrics
  • Assessment of computer stress level
  • Locate and rapidly isolate issues affecting end users

Advanced management actions

  • Manage systems services, registry and file system of multiple machines simultaneously
  • Interact with user sessions, controlling their state and activity
  • Run, terminate, or limit resource consumption for any process on your network

Configuration comparison of different computers with respect to

  • Registry values and keys
  • System services, including startup type, current state, and credentials
  • Software packages and updates installed
  • Irregular or non-uniform configurations of file systems

ControlUp agents have minimal performance impact

  • CPU usage – consistently 0% to 1%
  • RAM consumption – 60 to 90 MB
  • I/O – zero disk activity
  • No software hooks, no drivers and no reboot needed

Prerequisites for ControlUp agents

  • Windows OS (all versions supported, from Windows XP to Server 2012 R2)
  • .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or 4.5
  • Single incoming TCP port (by default 40705) open for ongoing console/monitor communications
  • RPC and WMI access for initial deployment via the console, if access not available manual installation can be done using an MSI package
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