Does ControlUp support multiple AD forests/networks?

Again, the short answer is yes. For multi-AD support, where a single console supports multiple (untrusted) AD forests, the following prerequisites apply:

  • The computer running the console should have LDAP access to the relevant AD forests’ Domain Controllers.
  • DNS conditional forwarding should be configured so the computer running the console is able to resolve any relevant AD DNS entry in the external forest.
  • The console should have valid AD credentials in the external forest.

In order to support multiple external networks, the following prerequisites apply:

  • The ControlUp agent needs to be pre-installed on the relevant target computers (the agent MSI package can be used to accomplish this).
  • A single incoming TCP port (40705 by default) must be opened on the external network to support console–agent communication.
  • For Hypervisor support, incoming HTTPS port (443) has to be opened on the external network to support console-Hypervisor communication.
  • From a bandwidth point of view, each console-agent channel will consume ~1 KB/s.
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