Troubleshooting connections to managed computers

Here’s a quick checklist for successfully adding a managed computer to the console:

  • The managed computer’s name, as appears in Active Directory, should be resolvable to a valid IP address. A name resolution failure is indicated by the following error message: “No such host is known”.
  • The computer’s operating system should be fully started, including the RPC services. If the boot process has not completed, “There is no RPC access” error message will be displayed.
  • The connection requires RPC access, which can be quickly tested by connecting to the administrative shares of the target computer, for example by entering computernameAdmin$ in the “Start > Run” menu of your computer.
  • The computer’s firewall should not be blocking incoming connections to RPC ports
  • At least Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 is correctly installed (3.5 SP1 recommended). For computers running Windows Vista / Server 2008 or later, .Net Framework can be deployed using the Add Computers wizard.
  • Your domain account has full administrative privileges on the target computer. If using User Account Control, make sure you start ControlUp as an administrator.
  • A corrupt WMI repository may prevent successful connection to managed computers. If your agent installation terminates with errors such as “Error occurred while trying to check if .Net is installed”, “Invalid class” or “Error querying service cuAgent”, you should look into rebuilding the WMI repository on your managed computer/s. The full process of troubleshooting WMI and rebuilding the repository is outlined here.
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