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ControlUp Mobile Apps enable receiving alerts to your mobile device/s following any incident recorded by ControlUp. Every incident trigger can be configured with the “Send a mobile push notification” follow-up action.

Note:The “Send a mobile push notification” option be hidden from the drop-down menu in the following cases:

  1. In offline and on-premises deployments of ControlUp. Mobile alerts rely on ControlUp Hybrid Cloud services and are not supported in offline scenarios.
  2. If no users in the organization have activated their mobile devices in ControlUp Mobile App (see below). If you have recently activated your device but cannot see the option, try clicking on the Refresh button next to the “Organization users” list box.

Activating your mobile device

In order to enable mobile alerts in ControlUp, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the free ControlUp mobile app from the App Store and launch the app.
  2. Open ControlUp console on a computer in your organization and log in using your user account or email.
  3. Click File > Account Management and click on the Manage button next to Mobile Devices.
  4. Click Add, enter a friendly name for the device (e.g. “Work iPhone”) and click OK. Note the activation code shown.

Note: Make sure you click OK in the Add Mobile Device dialog box before proceeding to the next step.

  1. In the app, enter your ControlUp username/email, your password and the activation code from the previous step. Tap Activate.

Note:As a security measure, activation codes are generated with a validity period of 5 minutes. If more than 5 minutes have elapsed since you added the device in ControlUp, delete the device and add it again to receive a new activation code.

After activating your mobile device, you should be able to configure incident triggers to receive mobile alerts. For more information on configuring incident triggers, please refer to the Trigger Settings documentation page.

Viewing Alerts in the Mobile App

Every alert received by your mobile device is recorded for later viewing using the app. Please note that the app only displays alerts, not all incidents recorded by ControlUp.

The home screen of the mobile app shows a list of recently received alerts. Here’s a quick reference for the layout of this screen:

Delete button
Allows selecting alerts for deletion
Alert type
The type of trigger that caused the alert to be sent
Record name
The name of the affected resource (computer, user, etc.)
Unread Indicator
Highlights unread alerts

To retrieve older alerts, scroll to the bottom of the alerts list and pull down. To refresh the list and display recently received alerts, scroll to the top of the list and pull up. When you tap on an alert in the home screen, or when you slide on a recently received alert, the alert details screen is shown. Here is an example details screen of an alert on a Stress Level incident:

Delete alert
Removes the current alert from the app.

View history
Displays past alerts for the same trigger or resource.

Counters involved in Stress Level

For a Stress Level alert, all counters involved in the stress condition are listed, along with a pie chart representing the contribution of each counter to the stress level.

For other alert types, this area will show all known details of the alert.

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