Schedule Settings

The Schedule Settings tab of the Settings window enables ControlUp users to create and manage a list of predefined schedules which can be used with incident triggers and follow-up actions.

Each configured entry in this list is a matrix of hours for each day of the week, specifying whether to enable incident recording for each time slot.

To add a schedule entry, click Add Schedule. In the window shown, enter a name for your newly defined schedule (e.g. “All Week Except Saturday Downtime”), select timeslots using the mouse and choose between “Record Incident” and “Do not record incident” for every timeslot.

After you commit the changes, your newly created schedule will be added to the list of schedules available for selection in two contexts:

  1. When configuring an incident trigger, you can choose a preconfigured schedule setting to restrict the incidents to the specified timeslot:
  2. When adding a follow-up action to an incident trigger (such as sending an email alert), the schedule will be used to determine whether or not to perform the follow-up action when the trigger is activated.
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