Data Upload Settings

This tab provides access to settings that define how ControlUp uploads data to the cloud servers.

Incidents Reporting

The “Incidents Reporting” checkbox defines whether incident triggers defined in your ControlUp organization cause entries to be recorded in the cloud database. When this setting is enabled, ControlUp records an incident entry in the cloud Incidents database every time a condition is detected that matches one of the triggers defined in your organization. This enables for investigating past incidents using the Incidents pane, and for receiving alerts by email or by using the ControlUp Mobile App.

This checkbox is checked by default. When this option is unchecked, incidents are not reported to the cloud, and all alerting and historical analysis of incidents are disabled.

Insights Activity Data Upload

The “Upload historical activity for display in ControlUp Insights” checkbox defines whether ControlUp Monitor instances in your organization upload activity data for the purpose of displaying reports in ControlUp Insights.

This checkbox is checked by default. When this option is unchecked, no data will be uploaded to ControlUp Insights and no data will be shown in the reports.

Upload Bandwidth Limit

The “Upload bandwidth limit” area provides a means to configure a bandwidth limit for the activity data upload process. By default, upload bandwidth is unrestricted.

The “Daily upload statistics” area provides the average and maximum volumes of data uploaded to the Insights portal.

Upload Schedule

The Upload Schedule dropdown enables for a schedule definition to be applied to the upload process. The schedule definition can be selected from a list of schedules created in the Schedule Settings tab of the settings window. By default, upload schedule is unrestricted, meaning that activity data is uploaded automatically as needed.

Please note that restricting the upload schedule and limiting the upload bandwidth may cause ControlUp Insights to fail to display up-to-date information. In extreme cases, if schedule and bandwidth are insufficient to upload activity data in a timely manner, ControlUp might discard activity data which will cause report data to be lost permanently. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult with ControlUp Support before modifying those settings.

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