Cannot access Insights

The Issue:
You try to login to ControlUp Insights but fail.

The Reason:
Missing access privileges, password is not strong enough.

The Solution:
 1. The only user in the organization who's allowed access to Insights is the user who created ControlUp organization. 

The one created the ControlUp organization, can permit other users to login to Insights.

2. To allow the access, go to "User Permissions" on the ControlUp Insights ribbon (this is basically a shortcut to Organization Properties).

3. If the Security Policy was customized, you need the "Manage User Permissions to ControlUp Insights" permission to change those settings.

4. By default, the additional security settings (MFA, email suffix restriction, source IP restriction) are not activated so they should not create issues. To check for possible mis-configurations, click the "Access Settings" button on the ControlUp Insights ribbon.

5. Please also be aware that you will be asked to change the password if it's not strong enough for Insights (minimum of 8 characters). Once changed, the new password should also be used for console login.

6. Check out the following YouTube clip which we created to assist customers.

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